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Towards a sector architecture for digital food systems innovation

Data agency as a force for transforming agrifood systems

The Global Coalition for data and digital food systems innovation will continue to host a number of webinars through the end of the 2022. Please check back here at a later date to find out more!

Data agency as a force for food system redesign

Redesigning food systems to be a force for sustainable, equitable outcomes for humanity and the planet will require timely, data-driven analysis to help guide action and measure progress, complemented by targeted digital services that can help effect the needed changes. We must get data agency right for an array of owners and subjects to navigate this challenge. …

Trajectories for responsible digital food systems innovation

Trajectories for responsible digital food systems innovation Data models, architecture, and sector intelligence can equip us to identify, source, foster, evaluate, and scale potentially transformational innovations that fit the problems they aim to solve. What have we learned as a community about how to build that pipeline, how do we apply it and leverage the strengths of public, private, and non-profit actors and capabilities to move innovations along a path to adoption and impact? How can we get better, faster, and more intentional about this?  What appear to be promising models for innovation “processes and places”  to put this into action? …

Data Models for Digital Food System Innovation

Building common understanding of applicable, extensible data models can better equip us to target specialized solutions, which can in turn improve the general models, building mutually-reinforcing capabilities for agile, data-driven discovery, action, and adaptation in food systems. …